GRE Preparation


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GRE Preparation

The decision to go to grad school is a major one. Learning the process of getting an advanced degree can be complicated and for many graduate programs, the GRE is still required for many graduate programs.

Whether you are going straight through from undergrad or returning after years away from the college experience, “taking another test” can be intimidating for many grad school candidates. At SolutionSkills, we understand that finding the right test preparation company (and its choice of options) is one of many critical steps in the graduate school process. With many alternatives to choose from, we’d like you to know how to compare us with your other choices.

At SolutionSkills our approach to test preparation is built around your needs. Scores on this test can still be important. There have been adjustments on the use of the GRE for grad school admissions for many programs so it is important to check with each one as to their specific requirements

SolutionSkills offers the following 1-1-choices:
  • Premium 1-1 In-person sessions, a-la-cart: (In-person or online) Separate sessions or customized packages of 1-1 sessions according to need. This category offers the maximum benefits of customized instruction on the days and hours of your choosing with you deciding the number of sessions.
  • 10 Session 1-1 GRE Package: (In-person or online) Ten lessons comprised of 1 session of diagnostic/practice/feedback, 4 sessions of quantitative reasoning, 4 sessions of verbal reasoning/analytical writing and 1 session in enhanced test taking and self-management skills. Variations according to individual need we be accommodated. Each lesson is in a 1-1 format. Times, frequency and schedules are determined in advance according to YOUR preference and availability. All learning and practice materials are included. Also available: 15 and 20 session packages.

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At SolutionSkills our approach to test preparation is built around you.

We want to make available to you the best options to prepare for these tests. All sessions can ultimately be completely customized to meet the student’s needs.

GRE scores are still important and can play a major role in the graduate school admissions decision. We can help you immediately with a personally tailored plan.

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  • GRE Private Sessions $95 /hr

    You set the dates and times!
    By scheduled appointment
    + $35 registration/assessment fee

  • 10 Session Premier 1-1 Package $889