1-on-1 Academic Tutoring


Price reflects the 4 week review course. For other options see below.

1-1 Tutoring Programs

The SolutionSkills difference is our very personal, professional, and tailor-made approach to tutoring students so that they can achieve their educational goals. Our flexibility allows us to maximize our service to your student in ways that meet both an immediate need and long term goals.

With our 1-1 tutoring program, we offer:

  • Both in-person and online sessions
  • Academic subject tutoring and test prep instruction for SAT and ACT
  • Rapid response tutoring scheduling
  • Academic instruction for all grade levels, but primarily middle and high school
  • Reasonable rates and cost-saving bundle packages

What are tutoring sessions like?

One-on-one sessions last for one hour and are scheduled through our office. Lengths of sessions can be tailored to student needs as indicated.  Goals are determined prior to the beginning session and a customized instructional plan is determined. This will usually include any immediate concerns then any additional weaknesses to strengthen.

Our individual tutoring program involves a collaborative relationship between student and tutor, along with consistent tutoring appointments (usually once or twice a week). No long term contract is required. You schedule the number of appointments you need to meet your goals. To ensure a quality experience, students will evaluate the first tutoring session after it is over.

More about online instruction
Online instruction offers many advantages: Flexibility, convenience, and customization. For local customers, sessions may begin in-person, then pivot to online sessions at any point. For off-site customers, we will insure that your online experience is professional, personal and exceeds your expectations.

Our teachers
Our teachers are carefully chosen and trained to provide a positive, optimal learning experience whether it is in-person instruction or an online virtual session. Their talents, skills and ability to instruct successfully and positively are a part of who we are as a learning company. We also have a variety of personalities and academic backgrounds which allow us to match a student with a the right tutor that maximizes the learning relationship.

How do I start?

It’s easy. Most tutoring appointments can be scheduled within a day or two after contacting us. You can begin the process by filling out our online registration form (link below) which also allows for payment. Once you will complete the 1-1 tutoring application with payment, you will get onboarded with the assistance from our office professionals which will include getting your availability to schedule tutoring appointments. You can also contact our office now to get started, 850-681-6543 or [email protected]

Course Duration


Skill Level






At SolutionSkills our approach to test preparation is built around you.

Even during the current environments of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to make available the best options to prepare for these tests even during times of change and uncertainty.

We have therefore added online classes to our arsenal of test prep services and hope you will find an option that fits what you want for your student prior to each national test date.

SAT scores have never been more important than they are today—they play a major role in the college admissions decision and can determine whether or not you get into the college of your dreams

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Barbara Farmer

Registration For 1-on-1 Sessions

  • Individual 1-1 session* $70/hr

    focused on the student’s preferred subject

  • Subject Prep Registration, Assessment, & Diagnostic Fee $25

    *Required fee for first time students

  • Total $95

Package Tiers for Subject Sessions

Subjects offered include, but are not limited to the following: Math, English, Social Studies, Language Arts and Science for K-12* plus similar college level academic courses. Tiers are designed to customize the experience, accessibility, and course of tutoring for the student. Each tier allows for more time spent with the tutor, which results in more targeted practice for the student, and offers a larger discount! Finally, with each tier there is a free 30-minute assessment session with a test prep professional to curate the tutoring curriculum for the student. Payment plans are available. For guidance on choosing the tier best suited for your student, feel free to call the office at 850-681-6543 and speak with our office manager.

*Kindergarten through 12th grade

Tier I

  • Four Individual 1-1 sessions $65/session x 4= $260
  • SolutionSkills Subject Prep Registration, Assessment, & Diagnostic Fee $22
  • Total Price for Tier I $282

Tier II

  • Eight Individual 1-1 sessions $63/session x 8= $504
  • SolutionSkills Subject Prep Registration, Assessment, & Diagnostic Fee $16
  • Total Price for Tier I $520

Tier III

  • Twelve Individual 1-1 sessions $60/session x 12= $720
  • SolutionSkills Subject Prep Registration, Assessment, & Diagnostic Fee $0
  • Total Price for Tier I $720