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Study Skills and Related Programs

Great study habits and success skills are now essential for today’s students.  To achieve outstanding academic performance, these areas must be mastered and practiced.  Many students have never been taught meaningful and effective skills and the importance of positive attitude.  These are all things that must be learned and applied to the school or college setting.

Why do our Study Skills Workshops Work?

Our programs work because our professionals have spent years inside of schools with teachers, student and parents to see first-hand what is most effective with today’s students. In addition to the essential elements in any good study skills program like organization, time management and test taking skills, we also focus on new learning and memory techniques and the importance of a positive attitude.  Experience with teaching at the community college and four-year college level also has helped us create a relevant, effective set of strategies and skills that have helped us create and refine an outstanding study skills program for middle, high school and college students.

One of our guiding principles with study skills training is that a student should have the ultimate goal of taking responsibility for the process.  Whether it be learning basic academic responsibility, learning how to the student learns best, and creating his/her own positive attitude, the end product is to work independently and confidently in order to maximize grades, a great work ethic and accomplishment of personal and academic goals.

    There are several options for students in middle through high school:
    • Small group classes on Saturdays,and “end of summer,” during-the-week formats before school starts
    • A "boot camp" style four-day class offered just before school begins in the fall,
    • A college level skills class for upper level high school students, and
    • An individualized program that consists of five 1-on-1 sessions and a parent consultation.

We offer study skills training with two types of approaches: A small group workshop that is broken down and customized by age group and an individualized, one-on-one intensive program.

Small Group Interactive Workshops

For Middle School Students:

A's Are Easy: Middle School Success Skills (grades 6 & 7)

Designed for incoming 6th graders and 7th graders, this program is held on a single Saturday throughout the school year and “end of summer,” during-the-week formats before school starts. Its focus is to cover all the adjustment issues and skills needed for optimal performance in the middle school environment.  The following topics and skills will be taught:  Organization, time management, learning to cope with multiple teachers, how to study, and learning how to hand in completed assignments when due.  Additionally, there is extensive coverage of learning styles, memory techniques and motivational aspects of middle school success.

Middle School Success Skills: Learning the Tools to Succeed (grades 6 & 7)

This program is an expanded version of the above. The additional class time will allow for more in-depth coverage and expanded learning activities that are of particular importance to making a great start for a new school year. The small-group, interactive structure allows for maximum personalization in a great learning environment. This class is only offered in the fall, before the school year starts.

For High School Students:

Study Skills Boot Camp for High School Students (grades 9, 10, & 11 ... 8th grade welcome, too!)

This four day program will teach basic concepts and skills that are necessary for short and long term success in high school. Many students do not fulfill their true academic potential because they have never been taught effective study skills, relevant learning techniques and how to adopt an attitude of success. This program allows for a systematic progression of learning experiences that culminate with a sense of confidence based on applied knowledge and a positive attitude. Call our office for a complete curriculum to be used in this exciting new program. This class is only offered in the fall, before the school year starts.

A’s Are Easy: High School Success Skills (grades 8, 9, & 10)

Designed for new 8th, 9th and 10th graders, this program is held throughout the school year on a single Saturday and “end of summer,” during-the-week formats before school starts. The focus for this program is how to have a successful high school experience with great study skills, a positive attitude, having meaningful goals to get the most out of high school and maximize academic achievement. Particular attention is paid to essential study skills like test taking, organization and time management, along with fundamental skills like note taking, taking care with writing assignments, how to approach reading materials, etc. 

A big issue that we now emphasize is how to deal with distractions! In a world of iPods, text messages, and social networks on the Internet, students have not been taught or given the tools to deal with this new world of electronic diversions. How to become self-motivated and how to reach goals is also emphasized. Lastly, there is a whole new section on maintaining mental concentration for tests and completing long, arduous tasks.

If a high school student can begin his/her career with great study habits and a positive attitude, almost any academic and college goal can be reached.

College Level Study Skills Habits: Getting Ready for the Next Level (grades 11 & 12)

Designed for new 11th and 12th graders. This is a new program specifically formulated for "older" current high school student where college is on the horizon but needs to be functioning higher than his/her current level to be ready for college success. This class actually serves the dual purpose of improving high school study habits and preparing for college level work at the same time.

The following will be included in a College Level Study Skills class:

  1. Mega-skills needed at the college level:
    • Learning how to become self motivated,
    • Optimizing personal learning style,
    • How to work independently, and
    • Learning how to set and achieve relevant personal goals.
  2. Specific skills include learning how to organize time, assignments, and reading material for optimal studying effectiveness, and setting priorities. Also included are college level note taking skills, advanced test taking techniques, memorization tricks, and personal motivational techniques.

Mid-Year Study Skills Power Boost

  • Does your student need a mid-year 'pick-me-up'?
  • Grades not what they should be?
  • Could your student be doing much better than they are?

Then "Mid-Year Study Skills Power Boost" is what he/she might need. Designed to introduce (or re-introduce) the basics of good study habits and becoming more organized to students at mid-year, this new workshop could provide the skills and motivation to do better the rest of this school year. This new program is taught in small, interactive groups with real strategies that can make a difference with your student. Separate workshops for high school and middle school grades. Call our office for more details.

Individualized Study Skills Program

This program provides the most focused, tailor-made solution for the individual student. After making an assessment of all areas that affect a student's academic performance, new skills and behaviors that address areas in need of improvement are taught, discussed and implemented. This includes, but is not limited to: Study habits, organizational skills, strategies for success in the classroom, test taking skills, time management/setting priorities, note taking, reading textbooks, establishing/maintaining good relationships with all teachers, and how to learn more efficiently and study more effectively. This program consists of five individual sessions and a follow up meeting with parents to discuss results. We make contact with the student's teachers and incorporate feedback into the action plan. Outcomes for this program are better grades, better skills, more confidence and success in school. Please call our office for more details or if you have any questions.

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